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Commercial Grade ​Spring Lawn Products

Spring Starter Fertilizer 

Our spring starter fertilizer is professional strength and provides the essential nutrients required to 
start the spring growing season. This application is always "FREE" with an extensive lawn aeration. 
($45.00 - $65.00 Value)

Soil Conditioning Treatment 

Our soil conditioning treatment softens and loosens the soil allowing fertilizer and water to soak 
in at a much quicker pace. This application is always "FREE" with an extensive lawn aeration. 
($45.00 - $65.00 Value)

Commercial Grade Heavy Overseeding 

Our heavy overseeding application is a commercial grade Kentucky Bluegrass blend designed 
to repair existing lawns. Our commercial seed is extremely drought tolerant and is commonly 
used on golf courses, parks, and commercial properties. This is the best seed type to blend in 
and restore dead and thinning areas.

"Pro-Feed" Professional Annual Fertilizer 

Pro-Feed is a professional grade fertilizer. This top rated fertilizer is applied"1" time during the 
spring and slowly feeds the lawn throughout the entire year. Pro-feed fertilizer works much more 
efficiently at "1/2" the cost of other fertilizers which are applied on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. 
Pro-Feed Fertilizer is an excellent choice!

"Weed & Feed" Fertilizer 

Our professional strength weed & feed fertilizer prevents weeds before they begin to grow, 
eliminates existing weeds, and fertilizes the lawn simultaneously.  

Professional Strength Water Crystals 

Professional strength water crystals soak up excess water like a sponge, then slowly release this water 
back to the lawn between watering days. This process continues over and over acting as an underground 
reservoir for the root system. 

Watering 1-2 times per week after water crystals have been applied is equivalent to watering 
4-5 times per week. Water crystals easily pay for themselves by saving an average of 
$250.00 - $400.00 per year off your watering expenses in addition to conserving water and 
contributing to our community. Our water crystals are Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable, 
and safe for children and pets.

Please see our "Lawn Aeration Packages" page to determine which lawn package 
is right for you and please call us for answers to any questions! Thanks!
Water Crystals Feeding the Root System

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