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What are the Benefits of Fall Lawn Aeration

Fall lawn aeration has many benefits as well. Throughout the spring and summer seasons, roots have grown to their 
fullest potential and have no space left to grow. Compacted roots will not allow important nutrients to penetrate 
the soil deep enough to feed the roots properly throughout the fall and winter seasons. 

 Our extensive Fall lawn aeration process will open the turf allowing extra fertilizer, extra water, and all other 
important nutrients to soak in deep to reach the root zone. Fall lawn aeration is also the best preventative measure 
to relieve snow-pack which suffocates and destroys the lawn over the winter. (Winter Kill) 

Our Fall lawn aeration packages include overlapping the lawn at least 2-3 times in areas such as thinning areas or 
dead patches and we'll never charge an additional fee for completing the job right the fist time!

Winterizing Fertilizer

Our winterizing fertilizer is professional strength and provides the proper nutrients to start the winterizing process. 
  This application is always "FREE" with an extensive lawn aeration. 
($45.00 - $65.00 Value)

Soil Conditioning Treatment

Our soil conditioning treatment loosens and softens the soil allowing fertilizer and water to soak in much faster. 
  This application is always "FREE" with your extensive lawn aeration. 
($45.00 - $65.00 Value)

   Professional Strength Water Crystals

Professional strength water crystals soak up excess water and melting snow like a sponge and
  slowly release this water back to the soil. This process continues over and over throughout 
  the winter acting as an automatic watering system for the lawn. This process will green-up the lawn 
2-3 times faster the following Spring, as well as maintaining a much healthier soil structure.

"Pro-Feed Winter Fertilizer" 

Pro-Feed Winter Fertilizer is a state-of-the-art fertilizer and feeds the lawn throughout the 
entire (6 months) of fall and winter. (Professional Strength)

Most other fertilizers are not professional strength and only work for 30-45 days. 

​"Professional Strength Weed & Feed Winter Fertilizer"

Our Weed & Feed winter fertilizer, destroys existing weeds and doubles as a great winter fertilizer. 
Our Weed & Feed winter fertilizer works excellent during the fall season.
Water Crystals Feeding the Root System
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