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Gary's Lawn Solutions have been providing lawn aeration packages & professional sprinkler services 
in Aurora, CO, Centennial, CO, Denver, CO, and surrounding areas for over 20 years. 

We appreciate the opportunity to help every client with their lawn aeration, sprinkler startup, 
sprinkler repair, and sprinkler blowout needs. We believe the best approach to build a great "client-business" 
relationship is exceptional customer service, quality workmanship, and the highest degree of integrity.


What is Lawn Aeration?

Professional lawn aeration is a process which mechanically opens up the turf and creates the space needed for 
roots to grow. Lawn aeration allows water, fertilizer, oxygen, and other nutrients to soak deep into the soil!

Why is Lawn Aeration Important?

The soil in Aurora CO, Centennial CO, Denver CO, and surrounding areas consist of clay, sand, or a combination 
of both. Clay and sand is approximately 2-3 inches beneath the surface of the lawn. Roots cannot grow through 
clay or sand and will become entangled and compacted. Once the roots run out of space to grow, 
the lawn will begin to thin out and eventually perish.

What are the Benefits of Fall Lawn Aeration?

Fall lawn aeration has many benefits as well. Throughout the spring and summer seasons, roots have grown to 
their fullest potential and have become entangled and compacted. Compacted roots will not allow winter fertilizer 
and water to soak into the soil deep enough to feed the roots properly throughout the fall and winter seasons. 

Our extensive fall lawn aeration package will open the turf, allowing extra fertilizer, extra water, and other 
important nutrients to soak deep into the soil. Fall lawn aeration is the best preventative measure to relieve 
snow-pack which suffocates and destroys the lawn throughout the winter. (Commonly referred to as Winter Kill)

What are the Benefits of Spring Lawn Aeration?

Spring lawn aeration has many benefits. After lawn aeration has been performed, roots will now have room to grow.
Water, fertilizer, oxygen, and other nutrients are able to reach the root zone where the roots feed. This is the single 
most important procedure to keep your lawn healthy and vigorous. 

We always perform an extensive lawn aeration, overlapping the lawn at least 2-3 times to ensure 
the turf can soak up extra fertilizer, extra water, and all other important nutrients. If a lawn needs more attention 
in areas such as thinning areas or dead patches, we will happily go over these areas as much as necessary and 
never charge an additional fee for completing the job right the fist time!


Sprinkler Blowout and Sprinkler Winterizing

Our "10 Point" sprinkler blowout and sprinkler winterizing packages are performed by 
(licensed plumbers & certified technicians) who are experts in outdoor sprinkler systems. Blowing the 
water out of your sprinkler system as well as winterizing your sprinkler system correctly is the key to 
preventing freeze damage and keeping your sprinklers protected.

Why Choose Gary's Lawn Solutions to Blow out & Winterize Your Sprinklers?

Blowing out and winterizing your sprinkler system properly involves more than attaching a compressor and 
blowing out the water. In addition to blowing out the water trapped inside your system, we adjust every valve 
on the backflow device, adjust the manifold valves, open all necessary drains to relieve any existing pressure, 
and insulate the system to help prevent unnecessary freeze damage.

We want you to "KNOW" your sprinklers are safe!

"Sprinkler Startup and Sprinkler Repair"

Gary's Lawn Solutions has been an industry leader in Aurora CO, Centennial CO, Denver CO, and surrounding 
areas since 1995. Whether you need a sprinkler startup or minor to major sprinkler repair, we are the 
experts you can count on! 

Why Choose Gary's Lawn Solutions to Start up your Sprinklers?

Our sprinkler startup services are performed by (licensed plumbers / certified technicians). Starting up your sprinkler 
system correctly guarantees the best protection against hidden freeze damage. We perform a step-by-step procedure 
to protect the system from breaking during the startup process. This may be the difference 
between a smooth running system and expensive repair bills. 

Why Choose Gary's Lawn Solutions to Repair your Sprinklers?

Our (licensed plumbers / certified technicians) have 20 plus years of knowledge fixing every type of sprinkler repair 
issue. Every sprinkler repair we perform includes commercial grade parts and top notch workmanship! 

We warranty all parts and labor in addition to explaining all preventative measures 
to keep your sprinkler system working great, year after year!

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